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Case Law Updates

  • Culpepper Kurland in the Spotlight

    Culpepper Kurland law firm long on image, short on trials By Steve Nohlgren, Times Staff Writer In Print: Sunday, January 27, 2013 It was a minor rear-end collision with no obvious injuries. But when a Sebring jury finally had its say last month, that 3-year-old fender bender created a legal milestone. • The Tampa law firm of Culpepper Kurland at last con...

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  • Retain Copy of Release when Claims filed

    In a recent decision named Alpine Fresh, the third district court of appeal determined a release of the insurance company and its “agents” signed in the underlying litigation was also a release of the independent insurance agent who provided the policy to the insured. The insurance agents in this case were “general lines agents,” as defined ...

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  • Confirmation of Insurance needs is Key in Insurance Agency Cases

    The general standard in most states for proving duty of an insurance agent is outlined below in Merriam: absence of circumstances indicating the insurance agent has assumed a duty beyond the procurement of the coverage requested by the client, the insurance agent has no obligation to advise a client regarding additional coverage or risk management. The ke...

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  • As reported by Bloomberg, Hulk Hogan sues Laser Spine Institute

    Hulk Hogan Wrestles With Laser Spine Center in Lawsuit By David Armstrong – Jan 14, 2013 Professional Wrestler Hulk Hogan. Photographer: Paul Kane/Getty Images Professional wrestler Hulk Hogan claims in a medical malpractice lawsuit that a Florida-based surgery company that advertises on the Internet and television persuaded him to undergo a half-do...

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